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Rate and Advertise

By registering your site with search engines and rating organizations, you'll allow new visitors to find your site by certain key words.

  • Add a Description META tag to the headers of as many pages as possible. Use 200 characters to describe in detail the content of each respective page.
  • Add a Keywords META tag to your page headers. Include a comma-separated list of words and phrases, up to 1,000 characters, by which you want a particular page to be found by search engines.
  • Submit your site or key pages to search engines, guides and rating services, such as Altavista, Infoseek, Lycos, AOL NetFind, Excite, HotBot, WebCrawler, Netscape Net Search, Yahoo, MSN Web Search, Snap.com, LookSmart.com, Open DirectoryRSAC.
  • Add additional META tags provided by any rating services, to identify the content as suitable for a particular audience.

Sample Meta Tags:

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Information on how to create a web site and publish the pages to the Argos Networks server.">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="web, site, web site, website, page, HTML, publish, rate, register, submit, domain, domain name">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="PICS-Label" CONTENT='(PICS-1.1... etc)'>

Other Meta Tags
  • Use the Robots META tag if you have "private" pages that you do would prefer to be excluded from the search engines.


  • Use the Expires and Pragma META tags to prevent the browser from caching pages with dynamic content.

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="PRAGMA" CONTENT="no-cache">

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