• We recommend that you use a tool such as FTP Explorer.
    For testing purposes, you may also use the FTP client that comes with Windows (see example on the right).
  • Connect to the Internet.
  • Use your FTP tool or FrontPage to connect to the FTP server with the following settings:
    Server Name: Publish.Argos.net
    Server IP Address:
  • You will be prompted for your publishing user name and password. Remember, name and password are case sensitive.

C:\> ftp Publish.Argos.net

Connected to Publish.Argos.net. 

User (Publish.Argos.net): John Doe

Password required for John Doe.
Password: ******

230 User John Doe logged in. 

ftp> bye

[Helpful Links]

  • FTP Explorer
    Excellent shareware for publishing, uploading and downloading with FTP

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