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Outgoing Mail Service

Generally, your outgoing mail is processed by your Internet access provider (e.g., your independent ISP, phone or cable company). You need to refer to their sign-up information or technical support for correct outgoing mail settings. This is the most direct and simplest way of sending your messages.

Authenticated SMTP Relay

If you have an account with Argos Networks for Authenticated SMTP Relay, then you may use the following settings for outbound messages:


Sample Input

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:

This will replace the SMTP server of your Internet access provider.


Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Port:

If you cannot use the default, look for "Advanced" settings to change the port.

25 (the default)
587 (if your ISP blocks 25)

Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication:

Check your email software for settings that are specific for outbound mail.


User/Account Name:

User Name assigned by Argos Networks for FrontPage, FTP and SMTP access.
(This is not your regular mailbox logon!)

Jonathan Doe


Password assigned by Argos Networks for FrontPage, FTP and SMTP access.
Use exact capitalization!


Secure Password Authentication (SSL/TLS):

Do not select this option. 
Your logon information  will be sent to Argos Networks without encryption.


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