[Securing Your Privacy]

Argos Networks applies strong 128-bit security, using Microsoft Certificate Server. Transactions that travel across the Internet between a browser and our servers are encrypted with the industry standard SSL protocol.

Your browser may issue a warning message, if you enter an Argos Networks secured site for the first time. To avoid notification, simply click below and open and accept our servers' certificate. Once successfully loaded, your browser will recognize all sites that were issued certificates by the Argos Networks Certificate Authority.

[Argos Networks - Server Certificate]

Accept Argos Networks' Authority Certificate

Please choose "save" when your browser prompts you to open or save the file. After saving the certificate to the desktop (or some other location where you'll be able to find it again), double-click on the saved certificate and choose "Install".

      [Microsoft Certificate Server]
Notice to Users of Internet Explorer 3.x

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