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Argos Networks hosts a broad range of sites, representing private individuals and their personal interests as well as businesses and organizations attempting to further their cause. We do not actively monitor or attempt to censor the content of any site and are not responsible for their content!

Nevertheless, we do expect all sites and their publishers to abide by our code of conduct. If a violation of these standards is reported to us or otherwise discovered, we reserve the right to disable the site and revoke other privileges until the problem has been resolved to our full satisfaction.

Bulk Email

Our own mail servers have been configured so that bulk email cannot originate from or traverse through them. Some companies may use mass marketing techniques such as bulk email, postal-mail, or telephone canvassing. None of these services are offered by Argos Networks. Any site employing a third-party email provider is advised to fully comply with their terms of service as well as any appropriate laws and regulations, such as:

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Code of Conduct

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